builder giving thumbs up"Armstrong Chiropractic is the foundation of my physical wellness program and philosophy. After years of chronic back pain I have found a way to extend my athletic life as I approach my fifties."

R.D., Sonoma, CA

Dr. Armstrong (or "Dr. Strong Arm" as my coworker calls him) seems to tune into the body in a very detailed, intuitive and focused way. My body and neck get the attention they are crying for. I feel way different when I leave the office (in a good way!).  If it wasn't for Dr. Amrstrong I'd probably be on pain medications with a lower quality of life. He takes my concerns seriously, takes time, and he tells me what's going on."

M.J., Santa Rosa, CA

"The best things about David Armstrong is that he actually cares about his patients as individuals. When I herniated my disc he saw me multiple times including weekends and even the Fourth of July. He kept my pain tolerable while I waited for the traditional tests and treatments to kick in. I'll always be grateful."

D.C., Rohnert Park, CA

"I live a very active, sports-related life. As a 15 year patient of Dr. Armstrong, I have been able to maintain my healthy life through his care and expertise in sports injuries and movement."

J.S., Rohnert Park, CA

"Getting older doesn't get easier, unless periodic visits to Armstrong chiropractic is part of your lifestyle. Chiropractic is an exercise of the body frame that cannot be replicated by any other kind of physical activity. Use it or lose it."

W.S., Windsor, CA

"When my neck and back are aching I head over to see Dr. Armstrong. He's a great guy who is professional and thorough. When I leave an appointment I feel rejuvenated."  

P.S., Petaluma, CA

"I originally came in for dance injuries — Dr. Armstrong got me back on track and helped me pro-actively avoid further injury.  We even had him come to our office to advise all employees on proper ergonomics — it was extremely beneficial."

J.M., Santa Rosa, CA

"I am a retired bus driver. I started seeing chiropractors 25 years ago when I hurt my back. I found Dr. Armstrong 3 years ago. He is the best. I have a big flower and vegetable garden and with my adjustments I have religiously once a month, I am able to work in my garden without pain and give me an over all sense of well being."

J.K.P., Sebastopol, CA

"I've been coming once a month for a 'tune-up' since 2005.  Haven't had a problem since.  Actually ended up in the hospital for back pain in early '05.  So it must work."  

B.M.B., Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you Dr. David!  I always am relieved of pain and stress when I leave your office.  You are actually the only chiropractor that I trust with adjustments to my neck.  I have recommended you to friends and family and will continue to recommend you.  

C.D.C., Cotati, CA

"Dr. Armstrong is an excellent chiropractor as well as an ideal physical therapist.  He helped relieve my low back pain and improved my foot drop condition.  He's great for my health."  

D.L., Santa Rosa, CA

As an athlete I am used to living with muscle pain and discomfort. I paid Dr. Armstrong a visit for unrelated headache issues, had and adjustment to remedy the situation and walked away with such incredible relief in my neck and back. Dr. Armstrong is truly a miracle worker when it comes to aligning the body so that it can restore itself to natural balance. He is gentle, caring and confident. He listens when I talk and is incredibly knowledgeable. I feel better than I knew I could after one adjustment. Now I'm ready for a good run with my brand new body. Alignment feels great!!!!

Priscilla Tuft, Rohnert Park, CA
Personal Trainer/LSN, Co-founder of Body Spartan