Back and Neck Pain

by Dr. Armstrong

Medical professionals use the term "itis" in their diagnosis to indicate inflammation.  For instance, the inflammation in your bones is called arthr-itis, in the tendons inflammation is called tendon-itis, and in the muscles, inflammation is called myocy-itis. Pain is your signal that something is inflamed or injured, and most non-traumatic spinal pain syndromes are due to poor posture.

Proper work posture (ergonomics) is very important.  It is important that your work environment fits YOU, because when you have to conform your body to fit a work station, you will likely suffer some form of "itis" (inflammation) as a result.

There are simple things you can do to save your back from the every day strain of sitting:

GOOD POSTURE: Imagine a plumb line dropped beside your chair.  If you keep your ears, shoulders and hips aligned on the plumb line the three natural curves of your body are safely balanced.

SHIFTING BALANCE: To improve cirulation and reduce muscle strain, you should take a couple of minutes every hour to stretch and exercise. In the sitting position arch your back and squeeze your shoulder blades together 8 – 10 times.

NECK POSTURE: While on the on the phone, never cradle the hand piece by holding the phone against your ear by lifting your shoulder). Instead, use a headset or support your "phone arm" with your elbow on the desk to keep your neck aligned. You might also try a phone support. It also helps to switch sides often.

By following these few simple steps you can help to prevent back pain and any form of "itis".  Always remember that back pain is NOT due to a lack of Advil in your diet!  

This information is not intended as a substitute for professional chiropractic care.  For a free, no obligation consultation, please call our office today at 707.792.1400

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